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Intelligent electromagnetic flow meter is hallmarked by its high performance and reliability based on successful, field-proven technology. It is being widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical engineering, iron and steel, food, electricpower, paper making, water treatment, petrochemical, medicine etc.

Technical data  :      

Technical Performance Parameters


Main performances of the electrode materials

Electrode material


sainless steel SUS316

Applicable in water,sewage and corrosive mediums.

Widely used in industries of petrol,chemistry,carbamide,etc

Stainless steel covered

with tungsten carbide

Applicable in mediums of no corrosive and low abrasion.

Hastelloy B(HB)

Having strong resistance to hydrochloric acid of any consistance which
 is below bioling piont.

Also resistable against vitriol,phosphate,

hydrofluoricacid,organic acid etc which are oxidable acid,alkali and 
non-oxidable salt.

Hastelloy C(HC)

Be resistant to oxidable acid such as nitric acid,mixed acid

as well as oxidable salt such as Fe+++,Cu++aStnd sea water


Applicable in seawater,and kinds of chloride,hypochlorite salt,oxidable
acid (including fuming nitric acid),organic acid,alkali etc.

Not resistant to a pure reducing acid(such as sulphuric acid,hydrochloric 
acid   corrosion.

But if acid contains antioxidant is greatly reduce corrosion.


Having strong resistance to corrosive mediums that is similar with glass

Almost is applicable to all chemical mediums.

Except for hydrofluoric acid,oleum and alkali.


Almost be applicable in all chemical mediums except for ammonium salt.



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Xi'an Yunyi Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that engaged in the fields of pressure measurement instrument, the chief engineer Mr Tian has more than 30 years on this area, he is one of the engineers who introduced the Rosemount technology. We specializing in developing high precision pressure transmitter and pressure gauges. And we also develop temperature transmitter, level transmitter, densitometer etc. They are widely used in chemical, petroleum, paper, electricity, city gas, environmental protection, water treatment and other fields

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