Digital Liquid Density Tester


DA-300W is a practical quick liquid density tester, precision is 0.001g / cm3, scored using no memory-type dynamic measurement method, no buttons, that instantly displays the density values; upper and lower limits can be set to automatically determine the density qualified or not, and alert prompts; group has three modes of density measurements, measured at different liquids can directly replace weight without resetting; with Baume measurements; measurement is more accurate, quicker and more suitable for continuous test occasion.

Detailed technical parameters:
1. Density resolve: 0.001 g / cm3
2. Measuring range: 0.001-99.999g / cm3
3. The results show that: the density value, Baume
4. Measurement category:
    a: mobile liquid, viscous liquid, volatile liquid, corrosive liquids, high temperature liquids, suspension liquid, emulsion liquid ... etc.
    b: alcohol, flux, flavor, blood, sodium chloride, glycerol, electrolyte, diesel oil, the refrigerant, hydrofluoric acid, dichloromethane, diethyl ether, sulfuric acid and other similar state ...

Features described:
    Baume has a concentration of display
    Qualified with a determination whether or not the function of density and prompts alarm
    Density measurements have three groups
    With a temperature setting function
    An air buoyancy compensation
    Has Pyknometer density measurements
   Automatic zero tracking, buzzer alarm, overload alarm function
① will be filled with the sample measuring cup placed on measuring board placement, after deducting the weight of the hook.
② Hook the standard weights hanging and fully immersed in the liquid to be measured, the display density values.
Standard accessories:
①Host , ② measure placing plate, ③DE-20A standard liquid measurement components, ④ forceps, ⑤ thermometer, ⑥100G weight, ⑦ wind dust cover, ⑧ measuring stand, ⑨ a power transformer
※ DE-20A standard liquid measurement components: Includes two stainless steel hooks, weights a standard glass, stainless steel weights a measuring cup two
Optional accessories:
①DE-40 printer, ② DE-20B anti-corrosive liquid measurement components

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