The instrument adopts the Archimedes principle .It could be quickly measuring liquid density and solid density , small small-sized products density, research basic materials density and new materials density and so on.


1,Durable and beautiful design

2,Fine craftsmanship and stable performance

3,Powerful and high accuracy

4,Simple operation, show the density values just need one step

5,With RS 232 computer interface, can be easily connected to the printer or computer.





Density accuracy: 0.001g/cm3

Maximum weighing: 300g

Minimum weighing: 0.01g


Operate step

1,Direct reading any solid or liquid material density values .

2,Adapted to the measurement of small small-sized state products

3,Density values > 1 or < 1 all can be measured.

4,Plastic products, rubber products, PVC granules, metal, powder metallurgy ,wire and cable, cream, maltose and so on all can be quickly measured

5,The liquid Density values between 0- 2.2 g/cm3 all can be measured

6,Liquid measurement model only need 50 ml samples

7,Automatic zero tracking function

8,Environmental adjustment function




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