pressure sensor output voltage

Description pressure sensor output voltage

YD31 pressure transmitter is a series pressure transmitter of our standard transmitter.Imported chip assembly, reflecting a world-class pressure transmitter technology.Compact, rugged. Light weight, easy to install. Easy to use. Maintenance-free. Zero outside the range can be continuously adjusted, a wide range of migration. Suitable for a variety of occasions in harsh environments and corrosive media.


Detailed Images  pressure sensor output voltage



Specification pressure sensor output voltage

Technical indicators:  


Oil, water, gas and compatible with 316L stainless steel


Ceramic type:0.1-40Mpa 
Diffused silicon type: -0.1MPa ~ 0 ~ 100MPa


2 times (10MPa or less); 1.5 times (10MPa or more)


 ± 0.1% FS ,± 0.2% FS , ± 0.5% FS,± 1% FS


 <± 0.2% FS

Hysteresis and repeatability:

≤ ± 0.1% FS

Long-term stability:

≤ ± 0.1% FS / year

Zero drift:

≤ ± 0.02% FS / 

Response time:

≤500ms (standard)

Electrical parameters:  


Current  2-wire: 4 ~ 20mA 
Voltage 3-wire : 0 ~ 5V; 0 ~ 10V; 1 ~ 5V; 1 ~ 10V
Option:RS 485 ,hart

Supply voltage:

DC24V (12 ~ 32VDC, less may contact)

Load capacity:

 current output: ≤ 500Ω

Voltage output:

≤ 250Ω output impedance

Electrical connection:

Standard for Hersman, optional direct outlet or M20  PIN Aviation


Wetted parts:

 316L stainless steel




 Viton, optional: EPOM, NBR


316L stainless steel

Other specifications:  

Process connection:

M20 × 1.5 external thread (standard) (optional otherconnections)


 316L stainless steel wetted materials; Shell: 304

Protection class:

 IP 65

Medium temperature:

 -30 ~ 80 

Ambient temperature:

 -40 ~ 80 

Storage temperature:

 -40 ~ 100 


108 RMS (25 ~ 2000HZ)

Current Limit:

 The maximum current-24mA; voltage-largest 5mA





Features pressure sensor output voltage

DigitalASIC, accuracy and stability

Drift affect small

Excellent long-term stability

Excellent anti-jamming capability

Overvoltage overcurrent protection, reverse polarity protection

Excellent selection of imported sensors core


Applications pressure sensor output voltage

Industrial field pressure control process, supporting the automotive, central air

conditioning, refrigeration equipment, water treatment works, environmental

purification, hydraulic and pneumatic control, aerospace, petrochemical industry, food industry, medical equipment, marine and shipbuilding industry, water conservancy,hydropower , power plants and other industries. almost can be used in various industrial fields, suitable for all stainless steel, 316L compatible media, and by choosing different seals to be compatible with more media. Different pressure and electrical connections can be selected.


Selection Guide pressure sensor output voltage

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