Description tank oil level sensor

It can convert all kinds of level, changes in the level of medium parameters into a standard current signal, remote to operate the control room for the secondary instrument or centralized computer device display, alarm or automatic control. Its good structure and installation method, suitable for high temperature, high pressure, highly corrosive, easy to crystallize, anti-clogging, level, level anti-cold junction under special conditions and solid powder, granular materials, etc., continuously measuring level of , widely used in electric power, metallurgy, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries and sewage treatment, boiler drum, coal and other places of the package level, level and physical level measurement.


Detailed Images tank oil level sensor

tank oil level sensortank oil level sensor

tank oil level sensortank oil level sensor


Specification tank oil level sensor

Measurement range: 0.2 to 20 m 
Accuracy: 0.2, 0.5, 1.0 
Probe Temperature: -40 ~ + 250 ℃ 
Allow vessel pressure: -0.1MPa ~ 2.5MPa 
Measuring medium: not less than the conductivity of the acid, alkali, water and other non-conductive liquid crystalline 10-3 s / m of 
Power supply: DC12 ~ 35V (isolated for DC21 ~ 27V) 
Current work: (output at 20mA) non-isolated two-wire, three-wire: 20mA 
Both ends of the isolated three-wire: <32mA; isolated four-wire three-terminal: <35mA 
Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA (0 ~ 10mA, 0 ~ 20mA) 
Output Protection: 27mA 
Isolation voltage between measurements, output, power supply: 1000V 
Span adjustment range and zero migration: ≥ ± 30% FS 
Transmitter body size: ∅76 × 85


Features tank oil level sensor

1 compact structure, small size, simple installation and maintenance, uniform dimensions.
2 a variety of signal output form, to facilitate the different system configurations. 
3 Teflon probe, acid, alkali and other corrosive liquids and high temperatures. 
4 the measuring portion immersed in the liquid, there is only one line or a tetrafluoroethylene PTFE soft rod as a sensing probe, and high reliability. 
5 sealed aluminum housing and stainless steel couplings. 
6 high temperature pressure vessel with normal temperature and pressure measurements as simple shapes and measurements from the measured temperature of the liquid, specific gravity and the container pressure. 
7 measurement, and measurement across the output, output, power isolator variety of three-terminal circuit structure, comes isolation, adapt to different signal grounding. 
8 perfect over-current, over-voltage, power polarity protection.


Applications tank oil level sensor

Industrial site level measurement and control

City water supply and sewage treatment

3 Hydrological monitoring of Petroleum, chemical industry, power plant industry

Level measurement and control of reservoirs, DAMS, water and electricity construction, etc

tank oil level sensor



Selection Guide tank oil level sensor


YD322-A level transmitter
Measure range
Cable Length
C customer request
Output 1
2 wire(4~20)mA(default)
2 (0~5)VDC
3 (0~10)mA
4 customer request
Accuracy 1 0.1%
2 0.25%
3 0.5%(default)
Display 1 No display(default)
2 2088LCD
3 2088LED



Company Information

tank oil level sensortank oil level sensor

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