Description price long range ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic level measuring instrument, taking the advantages of various many level measuring instruments, is a universal one characterized by total digitalized and humanized design. It has perfect level monitoring, data transmission and man-machine communication.


It is featured by strong anti-interference performance; free setting of upper and lower limits and online output regulation, on-site indication, optional analog, switching value, and RS485 output and easy connection with main unit. The cover, made of waterproof engineering plastics, is small and firm with ABS probe. Therefore, it is applicable for various fields concerning level measuring and monitoring. According to the practical situation, it also can add other modules, such as RS 485, current output; it can be match with PLC better.


Detailed Images price long range ultrasonic sensor

price long range ultrasonic sensor


Specification long range ultrasonic sensor

Sense Range

3m; 5m; 8m; 10m; 12m; 15m; 20m; 25m; 30m

Blind Area









16 key


4~20mA(standard); 0~20mA; 1~5V;  0~5V; 0-10V; 1-10V; RS485; HART

4 relays (Contact capacity AC:5A 250V DC:10A 120V)





Dsiplay Screen Dimension


Sensor Size

Dimension size as bellow pictures

Φ41×100×Φ30 (for range:1 m);  

Φ55mm×119mm×G1 1/2  (for range:3 m); Φ74mm×135mm×M60 (for range:3~15 m)' Φ109mm×200mm×M30 (for range: 16~35 m)

Installation Size

G1 1/2(3m); M60x2 (5-15m); M30X1.5 (20-30m)

Sensor Cable

10m (optional)

Operating Surroundings

normal temperature, normal pressure

Protection Degree

IP53 for instrument

IP65 for sensor (optional)



Features long range ultrasonic sensor

Sensor: Low power consumption, easy to install and locate, standard 4-20mA output, can be using as level gauge alone.

The probe can be made for IP68, anti-corrosion, explosion, small blind, low power consumption, large range

16 key operation. The human-machine communication between can be more efficient.

Backup and recovery parameter set.

Measure for level, volume, weight.

Set a filter value to remove

Output HART, it can be directly communication with other instruments. (Optional)

Mini SD data collection and GPRS communication are optional.


Applications long range ultrasonic sensor

Widely used in petroleum, chemical, water treatment, water conservancy, steel, coal, electricity, aerospace and food processing industries  such as Diesel Oil Tank ,water tank and so on., for acid, alkali, salt, corrosion, high temperature, explosion-proof and other fields.



Dimension long range ultrasonic sensor


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